Welcome !

The RetroBox is a portable, open source console that runs on RetroPie, and allows you to replay all the games of your childhood, with its autonomy of about 7 hours, you will never know how to stop!

Age requirement

According to our estimates a 13 year old child with a little help from an adult may be able to understand, to assemble his console himself. But on average it remains 13 and over.
Estimated construction time: between 5 hours and 5h30
Construction time varies between people and your abilities.

If you already have these skills to mount a RetroBox, it's more than perfect!

  • Some soldering basics (If you have already done some electronic systems)
  • Some knowledge to recognize the basis of the components

If you don't have his skills, no problem! You will already learn a lot here, but if you have it you will go much faster!

What will you learn with RetroBox?

RetroBox exists for people who want to learn the basics of electronics, to make them want to do projects, but with RetroBox you will essentially learn:
  • How to solder
  • The basis of electronics and the functions of certain components
  • Notions in Linux
  • How to create your own games
  • The existence of certain games ... unknown to the general public


  • Possibility to install NOOBS or Raspbian, with touch support.
  • Emulate up to 55 consoles with RetroPie
  • Long battery life and fast charging
  • 3W amplifier, to have the best sound!
  • Portable, and open-source!
  • Unlimited disk space!
  • An ultra-furnished wiki
  • A staff always at your help

So ? What are you waiting for?