A console, 20 years of games, 35 years of technology

With the RetroBox, play your favorite retro games in a simple and accessible way


Simplicity, Nostalgia, Sharing...

The RetroBox is a portable console for emulating all games up to the PS1, it was never as accessible to play your old favorite games. The console embeds modern technologies such as wifi to connect to your computer or smartphone and bluetooth to connect a headset or a joystick. The console has an HDMI output to play even on your TV! With 8 hours of autonomy, hours and hours of fun in your pocket

RetroBox console image
RetroBox console in hands

Imagined, Prototyped and Assembly in Normandy

The RetroBox is a project of young Norman who are always listening to you, your feedback is important and we improve our console and services included with the purchase to better satisfy you.

Many advantages...

An exceptional library

More than 25,000 free games available for free, discover more than 25,000 installable games in just a few clicks thanks to our library

A customizable thing

Have you ever wanted to have a unique console? With the purchase choose the console which corresponds to you without supplements!

A connected console

A connected console, view the status of your console remotely and control it down to the smallest detail (even from your smartphone)

A flexible console

A maximum of possibility, push further the principle of the portable console, connect it to your TV and play without problem in your sofa from your smartphone)

A easly handling console

Do not take the lead with the setup, all has been prepared for you!

An opensource console

This console is opensource, which means you can see the sources of the website, the diagrams etc. for no surprises

Video Coming Soon

We will create a video

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Kit version

You like electronics, build your own console with this version and customize it!

Assembled version

Start the adventure directly, without worrying about the technical side!