1. Dependencies used for the RetroBox overlay on RetroPie

Repo of overlay :

See in package.json

2. Dependencies used for the desktop application.

Repo of :

See in package.json
vue crypto
vuetify electron-sudo
drivelist is-admin
etcher-image-write is-elevated
decompress-unzip sudo-prompt
filesize vue-clipboard2
request vue-i18n
request-progress vuex
axios yauzl

3. Dependencies used for the mobile application.

Repo of mobile :

4. Dependencies used for web services.

1. retrobox.web.root

Repo of web :

See in package.json
animate.css aos
axios cookie-parser
cross-env express
html-loader jwt-decode
lefuturiste-vue-directive-tooltip lodash
markdown-loader moment
nuxt nuxt-env
v-tooltip vue
vue-apitator vue-blur-loader
vue-cookie vue-good-table
vue-hljs vue-i18n
vue-js-modal vue-lazyload
vue-recaptcha vue-scrollto
vue-stripe-checkout vue2-transitions

2. retrobox.web.admin

Admin dash repo :

See in package.json
axios mavon-editor
moment vue
vue-clipboard2 vue-cookie
vue-flag-icon vue-router
vuelidate vuetify

2. retrobox.websocket-server

Websocket repo:

See in package.json
axios body-parse
dotenv express

5. Abandonware preinstalled.

6. Others

RetroBox OS is based on an already existing system called RetroPie, the sale of the console with RetroPie pre-installed is prohibited by the licenses which protect the software, where the creation of an application which installs upstream (after the order/reception) our operating system.

Statistics are collected during your connections to our services, we use a Matomo to remedy this. Information such as your ip, your location is saved for marketing analysis purposes, it will never be marketed, all data is encrypted and secure.

All statistics are centralized on a single server from Thingmill.