The project

The RetroBox is a portable console, open-source running on RetroPie, and you can play all the games of your childhood, with its autonomy of about 7 hours, you can not stop! Project under construction, it will go on sale: IN JUNE 2018

We are sorry but RecalBox, is no longer supported by RetroBox.


  • Possibility to install NOOBS or Raspbian, with touch support.
  • Emulated up to 55 consoles with RetroPie
  • A great autonomy and fast loading
  • 3W amp, to have the best sound!
  • Portable, and open-source!
  • Unlimited space!
  • An ultra-provided wiki
  • A staff always at your help

What will you learn with Retrobox?

  • How to weld
  • The basis of electronics and the functions of components
  • Linux concepts
  • Creating your own games
  • The existence of certain games ... unknown to the general public

So? What are you waiting for?