After you have assembled your console:

If you want to install everything (Linux skills needed)

  • Recalbox: Manual (Warning, no longer supported)

  • Retropie: Manual

  • If you just want to burn the image to the SD card, no configuration is necessary

    • Follow this guide

Estimated time to install ~ 0.3h - 1h

First step: Download the application

At the moment, the latest version is: 1.00

Download the Retrobox application here:

image alt text

If you have any errors, tell us and we'll help you! ([email protected])

Second step: The application, installation of Retropie

image alt text image alt text

SCREENSHOT, with explication lel

Third step: add games in the RetroBox

To add games, it's super simple! You have many possibilities:

  • I. With the app, available on Windows, iOS and Android, simply choose your OS and add your own games, along with the list or your own rom!


  • II. With windows [Samba] (yes it is possible, no login is required):

image alt text image alt text

To access the SAMBA server from the console: Type \\ RETROPIE in the windows search bar, or the IP address of the machine.

Just go to the roms folder and drag and drop your roms!

  • III. With WinSCP, simply connect to the console in sftp, and add your own games

Login: pi

Password: raspberry

image alt text image alt text

  • More information here:


Yay! You have successfully installed RetroPie on the RetroBox, have fun!

image alt text image alt text

(Crash bandicoot 3 Warped on PS1)

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